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Welcome, and thank you for logging into our website.
My name is Andrea Caswell and I’m the very proud manager of the New Life Thrift Shop.
Please take a few minutes and read through New Life Thrift Shop’s volunteer stories, as each volunteer plays a special part here at the shop. All the volunteers here are kind, compassionate, and hard-working. Their wisdom, knowledge, and understanding is a breath of fresh air.
I can’t say enough good about all the volunteers, as they all give so much of their time and talents freely. Without the volunteers’ willingness to do all this work, our mission would not be possible. Thank you all so much!
We are very Blessed here!

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About our Volunteers

We have such a wonderful variety of volunteers working at NLTS... get to know them a little bit by reading their bios!

Name: Doreen Healy

From: Bronx, NY

Currently Lives: Rehoboth, DE

Duration at NLTS: Over 2 years

How it all began: Doreen attended Sunday Masses at St. Edmunds Church, where Father Chris asked for volunteers for a Working Sunday

Department(s): Clothing Dept
(Doreen and her husband also clean, grade, and price albums)

Favorite thing about volunteering at NLTS: Doreen likes the people most. When asked this question, she responded, “The people are absolutely fabulous. I’ve made so many lovely friends”. She also said that knowing that the money goes back out into the community she lives in is important to her, and another reason she volunteers here is “for sanity – it’s one of the things I put my feet on the floor for in the morning!”

Lastly, Doreen appreciates that volunteers get a 25% discount on anything they buy after their first month!

Fun Facts about Doreen: She enjoys counted cross stitch for fun!


Name: Carole Ellison

From: Salt Lake City, UT

Currently Lives:
Rehoboth Beach, DE

Duration at NLTS: 8 years

How it all began: Carole heard that the thrift store needed help through people she knew, so she “came to see what it was like, and it was fun!”.

Department(s): Clothing dept

Favorite thing about volunteering at NLTS: “I like the people; everyone is very nice, and we laugh a lot.”

Fun Facts about Carole: Carole likes to needle point and work in her garden. She also likes to travel. Lastly, Carole has a black standard poodle which she states is the “best dog in the world!”

Name: Kevin Sheeran

From: Bronx, NY

Currently Lives: Lewes, DE

Duration at NLTS: Just under a year

How it all began: Through donating here, Kevin found out that NLTS was looking for volunteers. He walked in and offered his services!

Department(s): Receiving Donations

Favorite thing about volunteering at NLTS: Meeting people is Kevin’s favorite thing about serving his community through NLTS.

Fun Facts about Kevin: He’s a former construction worker who now likes to fish and garden… a true outdoor appreciator!

The Jims and Santa make up the Electronics Crew. They are responsible for testing, repairing, and pricing anything electrical that is donated to the shop.

Names: James (Jim) Larsen, Bill (Santa) Ebner, Jim Benner

Duration at NLTS:
Jim L. has been coming since New Life first opened in the 80’s
Bill for 10 years
Jim B. for 12-15 years

How it all began:
Jim L. used to come visit his father as a vacation growing up and they would dedicate a day each year to volunteering in 80s.
Bill’s wife got involved with LRAC and told him about it. After that he was committed.
Jim B was brought on board by a past supervisor who got him hooked on New Life's cause!

WHY?!: When asked why, Bill responded for everyone by saying, “we all come for the same reason... it’s a way to give back to people that really need it. We help in a way we can.” Jim L. tacked on that it’s important to check electronics for safety reasons before selling them to the public.

Favorite thing about volunteering at NLTS: All three men felt that they most enjoy helping people and the comradery they experience amongst other volunteers.

Fun Facts about Jim L., Bill, & Jim B.: Each Electronic Crew member served our country! Jim L served in the Marine Corps, Jim B. in the Army, and Bill served in the Air Force, though he eventually moved into law enforcement. They also shared that the electronics shed used to be a food pantry!

Name: Joanne Price

From: Montana

Currently Lives: Lewes, DE

Duration at NLTS: 17 years

How it all began: “I retired from teaching and wanted to keep busy.” Joanne ended up at NLTS because she liked the service that they provide to the local community.

Department(s): Miscellaneous Pricing, Displaying Items, Cashiering

Favorite thing about volunteering at NLTS:
Joanne most likes the fact that New Life is helping community; it "feels good” to her. She also says that she likes that NLTS receives donations from the community, and in turn they are able to sell those donations to help the community because the money generated from those sales are returned to our local neighbors in need.

Fun Facts about Joanne: She enjoys crafting and making jewelry.

Name: Tom Safrit

From: Salisbury, NC

Currently Lives:
Lewes, DE

Duration at NLTS:
19 years

How it all began: Tom had retired and felt that he had to do something with himself, so he came to New Life Thrift Shop to look around. The manager at the time, Dutch Kelly, had Tom start right then and there!

Department(s): Throughout the years Tom has worked in many departments…he started on the truck doing Pick-Ups and Deliveries, then moved on to the Electronics Shop (testing items for safety/to see if they work), moved on to Donation Receiving, and currently Tom prices Miscellaneous Items that are donated to the shop.

Favorite thing about volunteering at NLTS: Simple. The “comradery with the people that I work with,” and the fact that he gets to meet lots of people.

Fun Facts about Tom: He brought his daughter onboard... now she volunteers here too!

Name: Tina T. Gantomasso

From: Valhalla, NY

Currently Lives:
Lewes, DE

Duration at NLTS:
3 years

How it all began: Tina made rounds to vet thrift shops and figure out which one(s) she wanted to donate to. NLTS shop was the most welcoming between its cleanliness, organization, and atmosphere. Tina also says that she really liked how they represented charities. She ended up liking New Life so much that she now volunteers!


Favorite thing about volunteering at NLTS:
“I enjoy conversing with the volunteers, and I also enjoy meeting interesting customers that I carry on conversations with… so, meeting people!”

Fun Facts about Tina: “I am a mother of three grown children, two of which live in Lewes. I am a retired pharmacist. And my hobbies are sewing, reading, kitting, crocheting, and refinishing furniture. And I love to cook!”


Name: Deb Norton

From: Rochester, NY

Currently Lives: Lewes, DE

Duration at NLTS: 6 years

How it all began: Dave, Deb’s husband, got involved first and Deb thought he was doing something that was worthwhile. She wanted to volunteer as well so she joined NLTS!

Department(s): Clothing Dept

Favorite thing about volunteering at NLTS:
Deb most appreciates the camaraderie at NLTS, follow by the 25% volunteer discount she receives – “There are such wonderful things here!” It’s been a great resource for her home décor in addition to giving her an outlet to give back to the community.

Fun Facts about Deb:
She is a deacon at Westminster Presbyterian Church in Rehoboth and has been very involved at that church since moving to DE over 7 years ago.

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Name: Dave Norton

From: Rochester, NY

Currently Lives: Lewes, DE

Duration at NLTS:
6 years

How it all began: Dave remembers another member from Westminster Presbyterian Church speaking of NLTS’s need for volunteers.

WHY?!: When asked about his role at New Life and the way he has always incorporated volunteer work into his life, Dave said that it’s satisfying work that is not about him, but is about a higher purpose. “It’s a calling. I didn’t choose it, it chose me.”

Department(s): Board member and interim treasurer of LRAC, truck driver/PU & DE, repairs (electrical/furniture/clocks)

Favorite thing about volunteering at NLTS: After asking “Do I have to limit it to one thing?”, Dave replied that he enjoys working with likeminded people, serving both buyers and donators alike, and feeling like he’s making a small difference in his community.

Fun Facts about Dave: Dave is a former Peace Corps volunteer and he has taught CPR & Scuba diving in a volunteer capacity. He was an Organizational Development Consultant for most of his career, and he is a fan of WW2 Naval history as well as a student of South Asian Indian practical philosophy alongside his wife, Deb.

Name: Sharon Ferguson

From: Ohio

Currently Lives: Lewes, DE (for 18 years)

Duration at NLTS: Just started in March

How it all began: Deb Norton, another volunteer, is a friend and a PEO (Philanthropic Educational Org) sister in her chapter. “Deb talked about how great this place was and how nice everyone was.” Sharon said that with COVID-19, her 1:1 reading with preschoolers had stopped, as well as volunteering as a “side walker” with therapeutic horses and handicapped children at Southern DE Therapeutic Horseback Riding. After sitting home and reading for months, she felt that getting out to benefit the community would also be helpful to her. Sharon said, “And Deb was right, everybody has been so nice, and welcoming, and I’m having fun!”

Department(s): Art Department

WHY?!: “The world is a better place when we give back, and I’m retired so my time is the most precious thing I can give.”

Favorite thing about volunteering at NLTS: Sharon appreciates that New Life is located close to her home and is easy to get to. She specifically like the people, too!

Fun Facts about Sharon: She was a nurse for 40 years, loves to read, loves horses, and loves trivia! Additionally, she said, “I watch jeopardy like it’s a religion”.

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Name: Audrey Crilley

From: Philadelphia, PA

Currently Lives: Milton, DE

Duration at NLTS:
Just under a year

How it all began: Audrey was looking for volunteer work and saw and article in local news about NLTS needing volunteers, and she thought “I can do that!”

WHY?!: “I believe that people should give back, and now that I’m retired, I wanted to find something I could do that would also help people.” Audrey also said that working at NLTS “satisfies my flea market fix! I don’t need a darn thing but that never stopped me from looking before”.

Displaying Items

Favorite thing about volunteering at NLTS: Audrey likes that she’s doing something very simple that’s appreciated… She says that “it comes easy to me but is helpful to others.”

Fun Facts about Audrey: She is a fan of the TV show Friends and named her "pandemic cats" Joey & Rachel after its characters! Audrey was an art major in college but ended up working in insurance for 40 years; now she is rediscovering her creative talents!

Name: Nela Wintjen

From: Manila, Philippines

Currently Lives:
Millsboro, DE

Duration at NLTS: Since 2016

How it all began: Nela was attending Holy Mass at St. Edmond Catholic Church in Rehoboth Beach one Sunday when Fr. Chris Hanley, then President of LRAC and Associate Pastor of St. Edmond, mentioned that NLTS needed volunteers to help with sorting donations. She showed up and she got to learn mission of LRAC and the organizations who benefits from the proceeds...and she was hooked!

Department(s): Clothing Dept

Why?: "When you volunteer you are doing God's work." Nela also said that every penny the thrift makes goes to the less fortunate. They support organizations that provide shelter for the homeless especially during winter months and facilities like Casa Francisco who help individuals to get back their lives together, and CRC providing food and emergency financial assistance to the family in crisis. It's very heartwarming to know that a simple task of displaying items on the sales floor is making a difference in someone else's life.

Favorite thing about volunteering at NLTS: According to Nela, she looks forward to Tuesdays. She loves the people she volunteers with, they are like one big family, you get to know their family through sharing stories. She gets to know the regular customers as well as seeing the people that go to her church. Also, she appreciates the benefits of getting stuff for herself at a good discount! “One person’s trash is another person’s treasure!”

Fun Facts about Nela: She retired as one of the Executive Assistant for the CEO of AARP and worked 6 years with United Way. She finds working for Not for Profit Organizations very rewarding. Nela also volunteer at Mary Mother of Peace's Mary's House where she helps deliver food for the low income family. She restates " We all have to be cognizant of our true purpose here on Earth, Love God above all things, Love thy neighbor and to do God’s work”.

Additionally, she is the newly elected Formation Director of the Secular Franciscan Order in Rehoboth Beach, DE.


Name: Susan Francese

From: Hudson Valley, NY

Currently Lives: Lewes, DE

Duration at NLTS: 3 years

How it all began: Susan was attending St. Edmund’s Church, where Father Chris mentioned that NLTS needed help. He prompted Susan to volunteer, and she loved it!

WHY: “It’s the right thing to do; everybody should give back.” Susan feels very blessed and that volunteering is the least she can do. She also does it because "it helps to have a routine when you're retired, and the people at NLTS are wonderful!”

Department(s): Clothing Dept. & Cashier

Favorite thing about volunteering at NLTS: “Definitely the people… Andrea, Mama, and the people. It’s a great group.”

Fun Facts about Susan: She is a retired middle school math teacher, loves to oil paint, and enjoys yoga!

Name: Polly White

From: Annapolis, MD

Currently Lives:
Lewes, DE

Duration at NLTS:
1.5 years

How it all began: Polly had a mutual acquaintance who volunteered at New Life and recommended she check it out because they needed more volunteers

Department(s): Linens Dept.

WHY?!: Polly likes to “give back to the community”.

Favorite thing about volunteering at NLTS: Polly said that NLTS is “a fun place to be with a nice atmosphere. The shop is organized, and the people are friendly.” Additionally, she loves the flexibility of her schedule here!

Fun Facts about Polly: She used to be a nurse and says that helping people is in her DNA and this is a good way to do just that without going back to work! She loves to be busy, so NLTS is a great place for her to be.

Name: Carol Russomanno

From: New Jersey

Currently Lives: Lewes, DE

Duration at NLTS: Since March 2012

How it all began: St. Jude’s church bulletin was asking for volunteers, so Carol strapped on her boots and got in the trenches at New Life!

Department(s): Miscellaneous Items initially, now Cards & Gift Bags

WHY?!: When Carol retired in April 2011, after some relaxing she thought “I gotta do something!”… she started with just Fridays, but now she takes work home for herself and long-time volunteer Mary Broadhurst.

Favorite thing about volunteering at NLTS: Carol enjoys socializing with other volunteers and being in New Life's environment.

Fun Facts about Carol: She has 7 great grandchildren who call her Gam-Gam and she loves when they visit, when her kids visit, and visiting her family in Jersey and Delaware!

Name: Peggy Sullivan

From: Maryland

Currently Lives: Milton, DE

Duration at NLTS: 3 years

How it all began: Peggy had friends that volunteered here who loved it and spread the word.

Department(s): Peggy considers herself a “floater” because she does a little bit of everything! She organizes behind the register 2 mornings per week, focuses on Stationary, and puts all item-types out on display.

WHY?!: Peggy says she loves “to give back for what I have been given. I have a wonderful life and feel I have to give back”. She also says that it’s in her blood – she was a nurse and has always loved to help people. Lastly, she said, “And what a great cause this place is!”

Favorite thing about volunteering at NLTS: The people! Peggy shared that there is a “feeling of love and family that we have here”, and that it’s one big family. She loves all of the volunteers, “and of course you love your customers too”!

Fun Facts about Peggy: Peggy enjoys cycling, powerwalking, and spending time with her grandchildren.


Name: Ted Mason

From: Rhode Island, but then moved to PA for 40 years

Currently Lives: Rehoboth, DE

Duration at NLTS: 15 years on and off

How it all began: Ted was living in a summer place that he partly furnished through NLTS. After retiring, Ted wanted to volunteer at a thrift shop because he loved them. He began back when Dutch Kelley (the first manager) was here!

Department(s): Pricing – Ted is great at researching unique items to gage their purpose and value. He enjoys learning about the more historic donations that NLTS receives.

WHY: Ted gets lots of pleasure out of being here and meeting people, and he enjoys that it’s for a good cause. “I feel I’ve made a real contribution to the Rehoboth community through LRCC.”

Favorite thing about volunteering at NLTS: “The people! The other volunteers.”

Fun Facts about Ted: He teaches English Country Dance (an 18th century dance) at the University of Delaware’s senior program. He also volunteers at John Dickinson Plantation in Dover and has and taught aquatic classes at YMCA for 8 years until COVID-19 halted them.

Name: Kate South

From: West Virginia

Currently Lives: Rehoboth, DE

Duration at NLTS: 20 years

How it all began:
A lady Kate knew from church was the assistant manager at NLTS, and she introduced Kate to the thrift shop after Kate’s husband passed away.

Department(s): Over the years Kate was in several departments. She was a Day Manager, a Cashier, and currently Kate prices Miscellaneous Items. Her specialty is in fine China and dishware.

WHY?: It’s part of her church work; “I’m doing the Lord’s work here”.

Favorite thing about volunteering at NLTS:
Kate most enjoys the comradery and making new friends at NLTS.

Fun Facts about Kate: She loves to cook! Kate even included a recipe in the next section. Scroll down and check it out!

IMG_5152 (1)

Name: Shirley Hanley

From: Maine

Currently Lives: Between Lincoln, DE & Randolph, ME - Shirley has 4 children in each of those states so DE is getting to feel more like home, but she reminds us that "you don’t forget a farm you’ve lived at for 65 years"!

Duration at NLTS: At least 3 years!

How it all began: Years ago, when Christopher (her son) was a Priest at St. Edwards, he would talk about how much he liked volunteering at NLTS. Then year's later she visited Andrea (her daughter & NLTS manager) and started going to work with her, and has been volunteering at New Life ever since.

Department(s): Researching/Pricing unique items & Handbags

Favorite thing about volunteering at NLTS: Shirley says that volunteering here keeps her feeling young. "I love meeting people, and I love working with all my dear new friends that I have made at New Life".

Fun Facts about Shirley:
Shirley started volunteering in Maine at the local library once her eight kids were old enough to not need her at home. She was the honoree of “Maine Mother of the Year” in 2004 – where her objective was to spread literacy. Shirley read to kids during library story hours all over the state. She is also the author of Horse Memories of Luck Ahead, which was inspired while volunteering in a hospice setting in Augusta, Maine when she realized there were no written materials to help grieving kids. Shirley was a Johnson Hall actor/volunteer as well (i.e., Muppet shows). She ended her interview by saying “My whole life was devoted to kids so now it’s different being around people my age (and younger - of course) and I enjoying every minute of it!”


Name: Bertha Scott

From: Philadelphia, PA

Currently Lives: Rehoboth Beach, DE

Duration at NLTS: 15 years

How it all began: The Lutheran Church of Our Savior had a bulletin saying that New Life needed volunteers. Bertha decided to check it out!

Department(s): Clothing Dept (and former Cashier)

WHY?!: Because the church asked her to!

Favorite thing about volunteering at NLTS: “The people are very nice!”

Fun Facts about Bertha: Bertha also volunteered for Meals on Wheels; she goes to Europe every 2 years to visit her sister in Germany; and she belongs to Cape Henlopen Senior Center’s weekly knitting class. Most impressively, Bertha has been married for 54 years and has 2 sons!

Name: Diane Benson

From: Baltimore, MD

Currently Lives: Lewes, DE

Duration at NLTS: 3 months

How it all began: Diane came in as a shopper. She had heard through the grapevine that New Life could always use volunteers, so she gave it a try!

Department(s): Miscellaneous Items (Pricing/Displaying)

WHY: “Well, it gets me out of the house, and I feel like I’m accomplishing something.”

Favorite thing about volunteering at NLTS: “You never know what’s going to come out of these baskets, every day is like Christmas!” She also shared that other volunteers are friendly and helpful.

Fun Facts about Diane: She loves traveling and lived in Greece for a while years ago. She also likes to read and socialize with others!

Name: Linda Payne

From: Austin, TX

Currently Lives: Rehoboth, DE – she lives with her son Bobby at his beach house

Duration at NLTS: 6 years

How it all began: Linda looked for a thrift shop because of her previous experience... she considered 3 different ones to volunteer at and chose NLTS because of its year-round Christmas shop.

Department(s): Linda has always worked in the Christmas shop – she played a large role in transforming it into the organized holiday display it is today!

WHY?!: “To give back to the community!”

Favorite thing about volunteering at NLTS: Linda’s favorite thing is the comradery between everybody that volunteers at New Life and the strong leadership displayed by Andrea (manager).

Fun Facts about Linda: She has previous experience in large thrift shop in from when she lived in North Carolina, and she worked in the holiday room there too. Linda has her own kiln and has taught ceramics for years. It has been a hobby of hers for 50 years! Linda also runs an exercise group called Texercise, which was developed in Texas for seniors. She's been teaching it in Long Neck for 6 year… “Not bad for 81 years old!” she says.

Name: Joanie Mazzarelli

From: Nebraska

Currently Lives: Rehoboth Beach, DE

Duration at NLTS: 4-5 years

How it all began: Joanie has been part of the Philanthropic Education Organization since 2008, where she met Sharon Fergusson and Deb Norton, who are other NLTS volunteers. Deb referred New Life to Joanie!

Department(s): Prices and hangs clothing

WHY?!: Joanie volunteers because she has friends here… even her husband volunteered here for a while!

Favorite thing about volunteering at NLTS: “It’s just a wonderful organization. [I enjoy] helping people who need help. And the people here are wonderful, aren’t they? And Andrea is wonderful of course.”

Fun Facts about Joanie: Joanie has 3 kids – twin boys and a daughter. She also has 5 grandkids. Joanie loves to read, loves her cat, and she loves volunteering at New Life Thrift Shop


Name: Keith Hopkins

From: Lewes, DE

Currently Lives: Lincoln, DE

Duration at NLTS: About 3 years

How it all began: Keith wanted to volunteer out of the kindness of his heart. He was just a walk-in and didn’t know anyone who volunteered at New Life at first, but now Keith knows EVERYBODY!

Department(s): Clothing, Bagging at Register

Favorite thing about volunteering at NLTS: “The people… everybody... customers and volunteers.”

Fun Facts about Keith: Keith loves coloring, traveling to other states, and his two chihuahuas... and he's a huge Eagles fan!

Name: Karen Fleck

From: Baltimore, MD

Currently Lives: Lewes, DE

Duration at NLTS: Since December 2018

How it all began: Marie Robinson told Karen about it when they volunteered together at Cancer Support Community’s Pink Affair.

Department(s): Karen does it all! She started in Miscellaneous Items pricing/stocking, moved to Shoes, Electrical & Hardware pricing & stocking, and she also Cashiers

WHY?!: Karen volunteers at New Life because it helps a lot of people in need and she likes to keep busy.

Favorite thing about volunteering at NLTS: “I think what I like the most is I get to organize, and of course I like the people. I like being with the other people… as well as the mystery of what people donate… I love it!” Karen included that it’s a good deal for volunteers to get 25% off of their purchases.

Fun Facts about Karen: “I like to walk and exercise and travel… I love to travel”


Name: Terry Jacques

From/Currently Lives: Terry is a Lewes native!

Duration at NLTS: 12 years

How it all began: Marie Robinson (another volunteer at NLTS) brought in Terry when she retired.

Department(s): Terry started with pricing and putting out clothes; then moved on to pricing Miscellaneous Items; next she learned to Cashier; and now Terry mainly prices & displays shoes.

WHY?!: Terry volunteers to keep busy and help her community.

Favorite thing about volunteering at NLTS: The PEOPLE!

Fun Facts about Terry:
Terry was a high school math teacher for over 40 years.

Name: David L. Garrett

From: Enola, PA (Central PA)

Currently Lives: Rehoboth Beach

Duration at NLTS: 3 years

How it all began: David heard about the need for volunteers during announcements at Epworth Church.

Department(s): Cashier

WHY?!: David volunteers at New Life for 3 reasons — “I believe in the value of volunteer work; I like that New Life supports so many needy charitable organizations in the area; and I like the other folks who are part of New Life”.

Favorite thing about volunteering at NLTS: “I enjoy seeing the variety and quality of items that people donate to New Life. I occasionally buy clothing or other items myself!”

Fun Facts about David: His career was in Executive Management for Trade Associations. David likes to read, travel and go out to dinner. Fortunately, there are so many great restaurants in Rehoboth Beach! David says that once this Covid-19 business settles down, he and his wife want to resume traveling; Italy, Africa and Hawaii are all on their list!

I want to express my gratitude to Andrea and Vanessa for their hard work and commitment to New Life!



Our Volunteers love to cook and bring in recipes to share with one another. Below are some favorites that they wanted to share with YOU!

    Kate South's Casual California Salad

1 Head of Cauliflower
4 Large Stalks of Broccoli
1 Medium Sweet or Vidalia Onion, chopped fine
1 cup Sour Cream
1 cup Mayonnaise
4 tbs Rice Vinegar
1/3 cup Sugar
1/2 cup Cashews, Sunflower Seeds, or Pine Nuts
1/2 cup Craisons (or Raisins - your choice)
1/2 lb Bacon, chopped small & fried crisp
1 cup Grated Cheddar Cheese

Wash & cut Cauliflower & Broccoli in small little florets. Add Onion. Make dressing and pour over vegetables.

Let set overnight for 24 hours in refrigerator.

Just before serving add Bacon, Cheese, Nuts, and Craisins.

(Serves approximately 15)


Testimonials about NLTS

New Life's volunteers have a lot to say about the time they spend working at the shop!

"After serving 30 years as a United Methodist pastor in the DC and Berlin, MD, areas, I am pleased to continue in ministry with New Life Thrift Shop. In 2011 my husband and I first moved from Silver Spring to Ocean Pines when he became the executive director of Clear Space Theatre in Rehoboth Beach. After 8 years of his commuting between Ocean Pines and Rehoboth (think summer traffic), we decided to down-size to a condo in Lewes. Then I began to search where and how I could continue to serve God by serving others.

I appreciate many aspects of New Life, which are similar to participating in a congregation:
· the community of volunteers who share interesting conversation and concern for each other;
· Andrea’s leadership of integrity, care, and accessibility to volunteers and shoppers alike;
· Andrea’s morning announcements beginning with the morning prayer, followed by joys and concerns of volunteers, and upcoming events, sales totals of the previous week, serving and interacting with many shoppers, especially those with limited means, and offering very reasonably priced quality, clean, attractive items.

I whole-heartedly believe in reusing and recycling, which New Life does so well – recycling paper, plastic, fabric, and metal, and reusing clothing and household items. I pleased that the sales profits benefit the ministries of the Lewes-Rehoboth Area Churches (LRAC). I’m grateful to be part of such an organization, knowing that I am continuing in ministry by helping to make the community a better and more just place to live and work."
- Connie Paulson, NLTS Volunteer

"Hi, My name is Ava Stumpo. I am fifteen years old, and have been volunteering at New Life Thrift Store for about 10 months. I started volunteering at the beginning of the school year just for something different. I got more than just a change of scenery; I am learning many life skills and job skills, becoming a better communicator, and mostly building relationships that I never would have. I like volunteering here because of these relationships, and I wouldn't trade this experience for the world."
-Ava Stumpo, NLTS Volunteer

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"Since April, T.A.P.P. (Transition and Parallel Program) students from the Indian River School District have been volunteering in the thrift shop and the warehouse. The program’s purpose is to prepare our 18-21 year old students with functional life and job skills to become more independent individuals. While volunteering, some of our tasks have included organizing, sweeping, dusting, loading the trailer with “Baltimore Bags”, and taking out the trash/recycling. In addition to volunteering, students have participated in the morning meeting in which Ms. Andrea shares important information and revenue from the previous week.
Simian shared, 'I enjoy seeing all of the different stuff. My favorite job is dusting the clothing racks.'
'Organizing the shoes and looking at the DVDs,' are the highlights of Tim’s day.
While Patrick expressed, 'Looking at the exercise equipment and organizing the furniture,' are the high points of his volunteering.
All of the volunteers at New Life Thrift Shop have been extremely welcoming and made our volunteering beyond pleasurable!
Thank you New Life Thrift Shop for providing such an inviting workplace for our students! Hopefully we will be afforded the opportunity to continue this partnership!"
-Michele Baker, M.Ed.
TAPP Teacher